2017/03/08 Service Systems Thinking: Reflecting on acts of representation

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David Ing



  • 1. Architecting ↔ designing
  • 2. Service systems ←production systems
  • 3. Affordances ↔ pattern language
  • 4. Ecological anthropology ← teleology
  • 5. Inquiring systems ↔ methods

March 8 (complete lecture)

March 9 (part 1 of 2)

March 9 (part 2 of 2)

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March 9 (part 1 of 2, 1h27m) [20170309_0840_OCADU_Ing_ServiceSystemsThinking.mp3] (80MB)
[20170309_0840_OCADU_Ing_ServiceSystemsThinking_3db.mp3] (volume boosted 3db, 80MB)
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March 9 (part 2 of 2, 0h42m) [20170309_1030_OCADU_Ing_ServiceSystemsThinking.mp3] (39MB)
[20170309_1030_OCADU_Ing_ServiceSystemsThinking_3db.mp3] (volume boosted 3db, 39MB)
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March 9 (part 1 of 2, 1h27m08s) [20170309_0840_OCADU_Ing HD m4v] (HD 553Kbps 363MB)
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David Ing, "Service Systems Thinking: Reflecting on acts of representation", Understanding Systems & Systemic Design, Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario, March 8-9, 2016.