David Ing


This workshop for PLoP 2017 explores generative pattern language from two alternative frames of reference: (i) Creating Order Of (especially in physical geometric structures) and (ii) Negotiating Order With (especially in non-material interactive processes).

While Creating Order Of comes derives from Christopher Alexander’s research into The Nature of OrderNegotiating Order With derives primarily from Anselm Strauss’ research into social order. The duality between these two frames can be illustrated with the 1985 Eishin project as an example.

Frames of reference originate in the appreciation of assumptions associated with paradigms, in organizational systems research. A duality of (i) Creating Order Of, with (ii) Negotiating Order With, is proposed as complementary frames of reference.

This duality can be appreciated as already unfolded in agile practices associating with initiating, constructing and transitioning information systems. This duality may be further explored in other domains.


David Ing, "Negotiating Order with Generative Pattern Language: A workshop at PLoP 2017", Outline for a workshop at PLoP (Pattern Languages of Programming) Conference 2017.


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2017/10/23 Negotiating Order with Generative Pattern Language: A workshop