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David Ing

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The original announcement is at https://wiki.st-on.org/2019-01-14.

Systems Changes is an collaborative open research program, initiated in Toronto by David Ing.

This meeting invites Systems Thinking Ontario members to (i) step up to roles as co-authors on joint works; or (ii) continue as observers and casual commenters, as we push on frontiers in systems methods, theory and philosophy.

The discussion will include (a) a draft charter; (b) an emerging framework; and (c) some first steps.

Looking ahead to content, prior attendees may be familiar with some ideas previously discussed:

  • Systems approach (West Churchman)
  • Wicked problems (Horst Rittel)
  • Pattern language (Christopher Alexander)
  • Action learning (Eric Trist, Calvin Pava)
  • Hierarchy theory (Timothy F.H. Allen)
  • Resilience science (C.S. Holling, et. al.)
  • Ecological anthropology (Gregory Bateson via Tim Ingold)
  • Open sourcing (as in Open Innovation Learning).

Open-minded novices and learners are always welcomed. We'll try to keep the conversations understandable by the layman, and entertain questions for clarification.

This Systems Thinking Ontario session will discuss the three perspectives as a whole.

Suggested pre-reading: 

A historical perspective on a nexus in the 1970s may be useful to newcomers.


David Ing, "Systems Changes: A Call for Participation", Systems Thinking Ontario , Toronto, Canada, January 14, 2019


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2019/01/14 Systems Changes: A Call for Participation